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Epic #84101: The core must provide configurable structures for both pages and elements out of the box

As integrator, I want to pre define SCCs so they can be reused

Added by Alexander Opitz over 3 years ago. Updated over 1 year ago.

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  • Reusing the same structure reduces work for the editors
  • Reusing the same structure can reduce the mess of used structures
  • Reusing the same structure, could reduce work in design updates
  • I have a restrictive corporate design, I want the editors only use pre defined structures

Updated by Rachel Foucard over 3 years ago

Hello Alexander,

I think that predefine SCCs is a need only if containers are contents with fixed parameters (number of columns, width, etc.). What is needed if the SCCs is a flexible system with the possibility to split the layout areas in a free way ?

The integrators will need to set some restrictions as you describe in the story description (restrictive corporate design), but there are other technical solutions to answer that need, so I would just say :

  • as an integrator, I want to set restrictive parameters for the SCCs, in order to help the editors respect the pages design constraints

What do you think ?



Updated by Alexander Opitz over 3 years ago

Free way layouts are handled in the story #84360 which should also be restrictable by the integrator.
In this story it is more about reusable restricted SCCs. Think about a design which says that in the right col you can only put a "visit card"


Updated by Annett Jähnichen over 3 years ago

Hi Alexander,

if I understand you right, you mean something like Content Constraints for your Structured Content Containers?

So you want to define a container like 50:50 or 33:33:33 can only contain text in the left column and images in the right column? And special/own Content Elements like FCE in the middle Column.
Or do mean a template for Structured Content Containers. Which the integrator can define and the editor can choose?

When would you say, this issue is solved for you? (I mean your acceptance criteria)


Updated by Alexander Opitz over 3 years ago

If SCCs will only about coll container (the 50:50 etc. you wrote) then this is about count of cols and which CE can be put where (Which exists as ).

But if we come to the point, that SCCs may also be about grids, with variable length and width, this may be also about a pre defined grid. So not every editor starts to build his own grid (which may later mass the design) or my corporate design follows a structure, then I need SCCs only for the possible structures.

So this all depends on, what will SCC be at the end, you may call it presets of SCCs.

BTW: Please do not use FCE, to stop confusions with a wrongly used word.


Updated by Georg Ringer over 1 year ago

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