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Translated shortcut to shortcut isn't linked in HMENU

Added by Frank Baak about 6 years ago. Updated about 4 years ago.

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One of our customers has a HMENU which contains a shortcut, which points to another shortcut, which points to a page. Both shortcuts and the page are available in two languages. In the default language, the shortcut (which points to the other shortcut) is correctly linked to the page. In the alternative language however, the shortcut to shortcut isn't linked (no A tag), while the 'direct' shortcut is.

To reproduce the problem, add the following Setup to an empty CMS8 installation:

page = PAGE
page.10 = HMENU
page.10 {

  1 = TMENU
  1 {
    expAll = 1

    NO {
      wrapItemAndSub = <div>|</div>


[globalVar = GP:L = 1]
config {
  language = nl
  sys_language_uid = 1

Add an extra website language and create 1 page in the website. Make sure there's also a translated version of this page available. Add a shortcut to this page on the same level in the tree and translate this shortcut. Now, create a shortcut to the shortcut and translate it.

When you open the website in the default language, you'll now see a menu with 3 working links. In the alternative language however, the shortcut to shortcut isn't linked.

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Updated by Riccardo De Contardi over 4 years ago

Is this one still reproducible on 9.5? I tried the following test on 9.5.8:

Test prerequisites

1) Fresh TYPO3 installation

2) TypoScript menu:

page.10  = HMENU
page.10.wrap = <ul class="nav">|</ul>
page.10.1 = TMENU
page.10.1.NO.wrapItemAndSub=<li class="nav-item">|</li>
page.10.1.NO.ATagParams = class="nav-link" 
page.10.1.ACT < page.10.1.NO
page.10.1.ACT.wrapItemAndSub=<li class="nav-item active">|</li>
page.10.1.CUR < page.10.1.NO
page.10.1.CUR.wrapItemAndSub=<li class="nav-item active">|</li>

3) Two languages, italian (Default) and english (id=1)

Test procedure:

1) Create a page in Italian: "Pagina Iniziale"
2) Create a page in Italian: "Pagina Intermedia"
3) Create a page in Italian "Pagina Finale"
4) Set "Pagina Intermedia" (2) as Shortcut and point it to "Pagina Finale" (3)
5) Set "Pagina Iniziale" (1) as Shortcut and point it to "Pagina Intermedia" (2)

So the shortcuts are:

1) --> 2)
2) --> 3)

6) Translate in english "Pagina Iniziale" (1) in "Start Page"
7) Translate in english "Pagina Intermedia" (2) in "Middle Page"
8) Translate in english "Pagina Finale" (3) in "Final Page"

I have not edited the pages in english, except for refreshing the slug. So "Shortcut mode" and "Shortcut Target" are set by default as Value of default language


- Both menus in Italian and english contain the three pages and all the items are links.
- In Italian, clicking on page 1) will redirect to 3)
- In Italian, clicking on page 2) will redirect to 3)
- In English, clicking on page 6) will redirect to 8)
- In English, clicking on page 7) will redirect to 8)

Is this sufficient? Should a different test be performed?

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I'm guessing this has been fixed with the work done on site handling / routing - as Riccardo's test shows.


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