Feature #84798

Epic #83559: SEO enhancements in Core

Add some extra SEO fields to core

Added by Richard Haeser about 3 years ago. Updated over 2 years ago.

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Every websites benefits from a good SEO and therefor I think it is good to have some extra options in the core. At the moment there are several extensions adding properties to pages to make it possible to set some meta tags for Search Engine Optimization. By adding this to core, we help TYPO3 to provide more SEO options out of the box.

The fields that should be added to TCA (without a "special" function)
  • SEO title => just an input field
  • robot instructions => two fields: on "Index this page" and "Follow this page". This should be the new toggle feature
  • OpenGraph-tags => 1 input field title, a textarea for description and a image field
  • Twitter-tags => 1 input field title, a textarea for description and a image field

This should be done in page properties on a new tab called SEO. Also the description field (that is now on the Metadata tab) needs to be moved to the SEO tab.

If you have any question, please ask Richard Haeser

See https://decisions.typo3.org/t/include-some-basic-seo-options-to-core/289

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