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Add a TYPO3 JavaScript frontend API

Added by Markus Mächler over 2 years ago. Updated over 1 year ago.

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As a developer there is very little to no support when writing JavaScript code in the frontend. Every time a value from the server is needed in the frontend, the code to glue them together has to be written manually by passing the value to a Fluid template or render a script tag using TypoScript.

It would be awesome if TYPO3 would offer a JavaScript API that offers some basic functionality. This is of growing importance as frontends are becoming more and more complex. This could be a unique feature that sets TYPO3 apart from so many other CMS.

I think the JavaScript API should be independent of any third party framework. Some useful features that come to my mind would be:

- Information about the current page (pid, layout, etc.)
- A utility function to get labels from language files (probably the labels that are available in the frontend have to be configured explicitly)
- Possibility to log frontend JavaScript errors to the backend
- Probably many more ...

I know that this is a very big task and it is not easy to decide what should be implemented and how, but I think it is worth to at least consider it.


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