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Remove "language flags" from backend

Added by Markus Poerschke 8 months ago. Updated 8 months ago.

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Currently a language is represented as a flag in the TYPO3 backend. This is an anti pattern. Flags represent countries or nations, but they do not represent languages.

Please take a look at this link: http://www.flagsarenotlanguages.com/blog/why-flags-do-not-represent-language/

  • Flags are symbols that represent countries or nations.
  • Languages represent a shared method of communication between people.
  • Flags are unique to a country or nation: but languages are often spoken across national borders. By using a flag for a language, you may confuse or even offend users.

For example in Switzerland multiple languages are spoken: Frensh, Italian, German and Romansh. If you create a multi language project for a customer from Switzerland it is problematic to choose the right flags (this might getting more complicated in areas where people are more offended, if the wrong flag is used)

Therefore I recommend to replace the flags with the locale code or simply the name.


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  • Subject changed from Remove "language flags" from Backend to Remove "language flags" from backend

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