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Introduce "class" to StaticRouteResolver configuration

Added by Soren Malling almost 3 years ago. Updated almost 3 years ago.

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The StaticRouteResolver can handle "staticText" and "uri".

I suggest a new type being a class->method()

Reason for this:

The PSR middleware returns a Response once it's processed. The Request object is present and the current site including it's configuration.

I see some great use case for static routes like


and similar, that can respond to routes that a editor doesn't need to create. The class can then render a typoscript object, alternative template or similar.

Alternatively, this issue can be closed with the descission of saying "you can implement such PSR yourself and should not be a core thing" - I will completely respect that descission.


Updated by Soren Malling almost 3 years ago

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Hey Soren,

sounds like a nice idea. I could imagine that this would first be part of an extension on how to see how this would work like. I'm sure we'd like to extend this, which could become part of a REST API, I'd say.

For now, let's close this ticket, and see how it evolves. We'll keep in touch in slack once the idea evolves. Sounds good?


Updated by Soren Malling almost 3 years ago

That's fine with me :-)

Please close the ticket - I will create a concept in a separate extension and publish that for public testing :-)


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