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Upgrade Bootstrap used in Backend to Version 4

Added by Bernhard Sirlinger 10 months ago. Updated 10 months ago.

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#1 Updated by Bernhard Sirlinger 10 months ago

I would love to use the simplified classes of Bootstrap.
For Migrations see:

#2 Updated by Paul Hansen 10 months ago

Bootstrap is almost up to 4.3, and 5 is in heavy development. Bootstrap 5 will support IE11 and also removes jQuery as a dependency. I'd suggest developing with BS 5 for the TYPO3 v10 backend (as soon 5 is available), rather than switching from 3 to 4 first.

#3 Updated by Bernhard Sirlinger 10 months ago

I would generally agree though afaik it was said that the migration from 4-5 should be easier than from 3-4 which would make the transition a bit easier when first migrating to version 4.
It also kind of depends on the release timing of bootstrap 5 in correlation to TYPO3 v10

#4 Updated by Benni Mack 10 months ago

If you know when Bootstrap 5 will be available (which in general @mdo does not spoil), we can jump on Bootstrap 5.

However, I think we need to update to Bootstrap 4 as soon as possible. It's actually not as easy, as we still have some JS-based bootstrap plugins that we also need to update. (DateTimePicker). So the first step is to ensure that we can upgrade to Bootstrap 4 via yarn.

Once this is done, we can continue with changing all classes in the packagse.

#5 Updated by Bernhard Sirlinger 10 months ago

I will try and prepare a patch once this lands in the bootstrap-slider repository:

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