Bug #89635

Toolbar items not clickable in mobile viewport

Added by Oliver Bartsch about 1 year ago. Updated about 1 month ago.

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It’s not possible in current master and also in 9.5 to click multiple toolbar items on mobile viewport after each other.

Following happens:
On mobile viewports the Toolbar items such as “clear cache”, “help”, ... are not directly accessible in the main Topbar,
but rather in a dropdown menu which opens after clicking on the gear icon in the topbar.

The dropdown menu features the toolbar items in a list. If one clicks on an item’s title, its content (some options or further links) gets displayed.

After this it’s not possible to click another toolbar item. If one clicks on another item the complete dropdown dissapears.
This also happens if you click the toolbar item - you have opened - again, to close it.

Only reopening the dropdown helps. Also notice that you have to click twice until it opens again. This is IMO also no correct behaviour.

These are the steps to reproduce:
- Switch to mobile viewport (or simply drag the browser window)
- Click on the gear icon in the topbar
- Click on one of the toolbar items in the dropdown menu
- Try to close it or click on another toolbar item

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