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Allow other tables than "pages" or "tt_content" in Typo3WinBrowserEditor

Added by Christian Eßl 2 months ago. Updated 29 days ago.

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Currently, the "Typo3WinBrowserEditor" only supports adding tables of "tt_content" and "pages". (This is hardcoded in JavaScript). It would be a very helpful feature, to allow for configuring other tables to be available in the Typo3WinBrowserEditor.
To allow for this, the following changes would have to be made:

  • Adjust the assert function in InspectorComponent.js::renderTypo3WinBrowserEditor(). This is currently hardcoded to either "tt_content" or "pages"
  • When selecting an element in the Window Browser, the input element will show the uid of this record. For a more userfriendly experience, it should be possible to configure the field that shall be shown instead in the YAML config. (like nav_title or title for "pages")
  • Inside "renderTypo3WinBrowserEditor", the icon for the "buttonLabel" is also hardcoded and would need to be configurable in YAML.
  • Possibility to hook in a DataProcessor for a form element in the frontend. (Don't know if it is already possible - didn't check that. But this could be a separate feature)


Task #89746: Make icon for record browser configurableClosedMathias Brodala

Task #89747: Allow custom tables in record browserClosedMathias Brodala


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The parts which have been blocking this have been resolved now:

  • You can use the record selector with arbitrary tables (#89747)
  • You can customize the record selector button icon (#89746)

There is no need for any additional data processor or similar since you will use this either in a custom form element which has a custom partial for rendering or in a custom finisher which has custom logic.

As for the display of a human readable label instead of just the record ID please create a separate ticket. It would certainly make sense to have this and could be inspired by the link field within regular BE forms.

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