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Apply rector set php71

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[TASK] Apply rector set php71

php bin/rector process

A couple of rectors have been disabled due to different reasons:

- Rector\Php71\Rector\FuncCall\CountOnNullRector
This rector has been disabled as it creates rather long and
complex structures to avoid calling count on null.

This rector will be enabled as soon as TYPO3 uses at least
PHP 7.3 which introduces a "is_countable" method.

- Rector\Php71\Rector\Assign\AssignArrayToStringRector
This rector has been disabled as it does not work properly.
The default types of parameters have been changed although
their types could properly be inferred by a doc block or
by value assignments.

- Rector\Php71\Rector\BinaryOp\BinaryOpBetweenNumberAndStringRector
This rector has been disabled as it does not work properly.
A bug report is filed and to be found here:

- Rector\Php71\Rector\FuncCall\RemoveExtraParametersRector
This rector has been disabled as it does not work properly.
It removed arguments in tests, especially when using

Releases: master
Resolves: #90002
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