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Sort out documentation for SEO: some general things are in ext:seo documentation, some specific ext:seo things in "TYPO3 Explained"

Added by Sybille Peters over 1 year ago.

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I think the seo documentation is already in a pretty good state but when trying to add documentation for new features I noticed that some core configuration / features is documented in ext:seo and some ext:seo documentation is documented in "TYPO3 EXplained".

The indended state is:

  • general TYPO3 stuff in "TYPO3 explained" with focus on development (but also configuration can be explained here, as in site handling)
  • things that are system extension specific: ext:seo documentation



For the XmlSitemap: That is actually a general TYPO3 feature, so it should exist in "TYPO3 Explained" and does but the implementation and specific configuration (TS: plugin.tx_seo.config.xmlSitemap) is ext:seo specific.

Also XML sitemaps are not mentioned at all in ext:seo documentation.


ext:seo documentation contains a list of general TYPO3 TypoScript but no ext:seo specific TypoScript (e.g. the XmlSitemap).

I have not checked everything yet ...

General consideration

This separation into system documentation, "TYPO3 Explained" etc. is a little unfortunate and not so easy to solve.

We try to avoid duplicate content and have been doing a lot to wipe it out but in some cases it would help to add the content in both places: but you should define where it is mainly documented and the other place should only contain the bare basics and have a link to the main content.

Very strictly separating the content and only adding links is good for removing duplicates but does not make for a good reading experience, IMHO.

So make sure it is well readable without having a lot of dependencies that are documented elsewhere.


This is the existing documentation:

System extension:

"TYPO3 Explained"

TypoScript reference

  • various places, see for example overview of config settings in ext:seo

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