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Introduce "next" button in the doc header

Added by Alex Nostadt about 1 month ago.

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FormEngine aka TCEforms
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While creating a complete new record the current buttons (save + close, save etc.) are enough I would find it handy to have a "next" button which automatically opens the next record for editing though. This would allow editors to quickly update existing records once new fields have been introduced which may even be required. Yes, there's the mass edit feature accessible from the list view but this does open all records with selected fields at once which can become slow. In addition valuable context probably miss - other record fields.

Some things to consider are:

- what if someone edits the next record already?
- what if the next record is deleted? (suggestion: skip to the next editable)
- what if the next record has editlock activated? (suggestion: skip to the next editable)
- what if there's no next record? (suggestion: gray out and disable the button)

What do you think about that?

I hope that's the correct category. I am unsure about FormEngine vs Form Framework

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