Bug #94815

Story #94430: pages.doktypes higher than 200 do not work properly as frontend pages

Cannot link to pages with doktype > 200

Added by Mathias Brodala 2 months ago. Updated 7 days ago.

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Pages with doktype > 200 will be muted in the page tree, just as Sysfolders. Thus you cannot set links to pages with doktype > 200 or content elements on these pages.


Updated by Mathias Brodala 2 months ago

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Updated by Łukasz Uznański 2 months ago

How can I reproduce this issue? I have created new doktype 201 and set it to my page and I can properly link to this page.


Updated by Mathias Brodala 2 months ago

I'd need to try myself. I only created this as separate subtask from the parent story.


Updated by Benni Mack 7 days ago

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Can you recheck this please?


Updated by Mathias Brodala 7 days ago

I asked again in the umbrella ticket #94430 which is owned by the original reporter.

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