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Exports via export tools sometimes contain previous exports

Added by Lina Wolf 9 months ago. Updated 9 months ago.

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When I used the export tool to make an export the exported data was saved at public/fileadmin/user_upload/_temp_/importexport

On the next export all files from public/fileadmin/user_upload/_temp_ and their sys_file entries also got exported. Therefore the export contained the previous export as files and grew bigger and bigger...

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Related to TYPO3 Core - Story #92526: Concept for improved EXT:impexpAccepted2020-10-09


Updated by Alexander Nitsche 9 months ago

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Updated by Alexander Nitsche 9 months ago

  • Related to Story #92526: Concept for improved EXT:impexp added

Updated by Alexander Nitsche 9 months ago

In addition, previous exports are often deleted manually in the file system, and leave the sys_file record point to a non-existing file which can break the next export, e.g. when exporting the root of the page tree, with:

(1/1) #1551950301 TYPO3\CMS\Core\Resource\Exception\InvalidHashException

Hash has to be non-empty string.

Updated by Alexander Nitsche 9 months ago

The outdated sys_file records get even included into the export dump, if they are marked as missing. This is due to a missing match in


which checks, if the record got disabled according to its TCA disabled column definition. In most tables this is column "hidden" but table "sys_file" does not have any disabled column configuration. Is this a bug? Check for the requirement to prevent inclusion of missing sys_file dataset into the export dump.

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