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Integrate function to determine extension key from a table name and vice versa

Added by Oliver Hader over 14 years ago. Updated almost 6 years ago.

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Sometimes it could be necessarry to know which table belongs to which extension key. If such a mapping is integrated, the inverse function is also possible.

table 'tx_myextension_data' -> extension 'my_extension'
extension 'my_extension' -> tables 'tx_myextension_data,tx_myextension_categories'

The results should be stored in $GLOBALS['TYPO3_LOADED_EXT'][<extKey>]['tables'] and $GLOBALS['TYPO3_LOADED_TABLES'][<tableName>].

(issue imported from #M4877)


0004877.patch (4.77 KB) 0004877.patch Administrator Admin, 2007-01-29 12:21
0004877.png (46.8 KB) 0004877.png Administrator Admin, 2007-01-29 12:21

Updated by Oliver Hader over 14 years ago

Please see the attached file 0004877.patch.
A new watchTables method was integrated to t3lib_extMgm, that just watches the inclusion of new tables while processing the cached ext_tables.php file. Tables are are assigne to a key (and vice versa) by comparison of TCA before and after the processing of an extension's ext_tables.php file.

The PNG shows the structure of TYPO3_LOADED_TABLES using Tools>Configuration.


Updated by Marcus Krause over 12 years ago

I guess this functionality is only useful when you are able to retrieve the extenension key to a table at ANY time. What happens when you deinstall the extension and afterward ask for the origin of a still existing table of that extension?


Updated by Helmut Hummel over 9 years ago

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is this still valid?


Updated by Alexander Opitz almost 6 years ago

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