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Storage page for child records

Added by Julian Kleinhans over 17 years ago. Updated about 12 years ago.

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I'd like to have the possibility to store inline related child records on a general storag page. The page id could vary on different page branches. Thus, it would be useful to make this feature configurable via Page TSconfig.

see: Thread "Feature request: target pid" in the typo3.projects.irre newsgroup

(issue imported from #M5242)


0005242_v3.patch (2.83 KB) 0005242_v3.patch Administrator Admin, 2008-02-01 14:20
0005242_v4.patch (2.85 KB) 0005242_v4.patch Administrator Admin, 2008-02-01 14:44

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Has duplicate TYPO3 Core - Feature #17268: Add TSconfig parameters to save/load inline records based on a special inline elements folderClosedOliver Hader2007-05-01

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Updated by Oliver Hader over 17 years ago

The attached file (0005242_v2.patch) allows to use the "General Record Storage page" of a page in the rootline. If this storage_pid is set, the child records will be stored on the given page. The patch cleans furthermore some things in the inline code.

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Updated by Jo Hasenau about 17 years ago

Please, don't use "General Record Storage Page" but do it with Page TSconfig instead. Or at least add the option to use both ways.

General Record Storage Page is one of the worst concepts I know of in TYPO3, since you can't set different storage pages for TV, IRRE, whatever. So you are forced to save all records that depend on this field on the same page.

The idea behind the request was to have some "inline element container" available (.i.e. a sysfolder named "inline elements"), while the Parent elements can reside on almost any page you like.

Especially for the ICE concept this feature will be essential, since it will give the editors the option to create predefined elements in this container folder which they can copy wherever they need them later on, while the inline elements will stay in place. So the content editors just need a page mount for the container folder, while they layouters would have access to the rest of the pages only.

Obviously it wouldn't make much sense if they would be forced to save their TV related stuff in the same folder.

Actions #3

Updated by Oliver Hader about 17 years ago

Hi Joey, I didn't use the "is duplicate" but just wanted to related things. ;-)
The pid used e.g. by the "Individual Content Elements (ICE)" is a different thing, but might use/occur at the same places at this issue.

Actions #4

Updated by Georg Ringer over 16 years ago

there is just 1 big bug:
If i use the sorting icons in the list view to sort the parent records, suddenly the IRRE-child records get shown at the same page. so they are being moved to the same page as the parent record

Actions #5

Updated by Oliver Hader over 16 years ago

I attached a new patch with the following feature:

  • define pid for new child records in Page TSconfig:
    TCAdefaults.<table>.pid = <page id>
    e.g. = 372
  • define to not move children along with the parent in TCA:
    <field>/config/behaviour/moveChildrenWithParent = 0
    e.g. $TCA['tx_irretutorial_1nff_hotel']['columns']['offers']['config']['behaviour'] = array(
    'moveChildrenWithParent' => 0
Actions #6

Updated by Georg Ringer over 16 years ago

Hi Oliver,
is there any reason to set the 2nd feature by default to 0? IMO this should be 1 for default, especially if "TCAdefaults.<table>.pid" is set because if I set this to a specific page, the child record should always stay there.

btw how does feature react with localization? the localized child records are saved with the same pid as the record with the default language?

Actions #7

Updated by Oliver Hader over 16 years ago

The behaviour in TYPO3 4.1 was to move the children along with their parent. In 4.2 this should stay if 'moveChildrenWithParent' is not defined. It would also be possible to negate that property to 'disableMovingChildrenWithParent'.

The creation of a localized child record takes place in TCEmain, thus the pid of the original language pendant is used.

edit: As I just noticed, the TCAdefaults thingy from Page TS was changed to work in t3lib_transferdata but is missing in t3lib_TCEmain. But the TCAdefault generally define initial values for new records.

Actions #8

Updated by Georg Ringer over 16 years ago

I strongly vote for a disableMovingChildrenWithParent because I dont say any reason why a child record should suddenly appear just because of a movement of the parent record.
I got one parent record with nearly 10 x IRRE leading up 30 child record which suddenly appear with no reason.

Actions #9

Updated by Oliver Hader over 16 years ago

I do agree. New patch attached.

Actions #10

Updated by Georg Ringer over 16 years ago

is there a rfc for that?

Actions #11

Updated by Oliver Hader over 16 years ago

Not yet, but I'm going to create one the next few minutes.

Actions #12

Updated by Oliver Hader over 16 years ago

Committed to SVN Trunk (rev. 3047)

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Updated by Chris topher about 12 years ago

  • Target version deleted (-1)

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