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config.baseURL does not support stdWrap or copying of Objects

Added by Lukas Taferner over 11 years ago. Updated over 5 years ago.

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It is not possible to use stdWrap with baseUrl or copy the content of another COA as baseurl value (e.g. from a PHP_SCRIPT). This is necessary when using realurl in a multidomain environment.

The only solution now is to create conditions for every domain, which can be annoying and lead to strange beahvoiur when mistaking.

(issue imported from #M9212)

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#1 Updated by Dmitry Dulepov over 11 years ago

That's right. The whole "config" does not support stdWrap or copying due to technical reasons. I do not think it will ever change.

#2 Updated by Daniela Waranie over 9 years ago

The related issue (0007937) has been closed/resolved, but without new code.

Suggested workaraounds:
1) Use a typoscript condition for each domain. E.g.
[globalString = ENV:HTTP_HOST=sub1.mydomain.com]
config.baseURL = http://sub1.mydomain.com/

2) Make a refactoring on "how 'config' and page-specific config-objects like 'page.config' are merged." and add stdWrap as mentioned by Michael Stucki to have userFunc (USER_INT).

3) Create typo3 domain records for each domain (manually or programmatically) and creat an external typoscript file (with conditions for each domain) each time a typo3 domain record was added (automatically).

Note the patch provided in 0007937 do not work when caching is enabled.

#3 Updated by Jo Hasenau over 9 years ago

IMHO 1) is not a workaround but currently the official way to go, since it is the only way to get properly cached results for different domains.

2) is not a workaround but a different solution, which would still not solve the caching problem

3) Would be just a kind of wizard for lazy admins, so no workaround, since it would use the same techniques

I really don't get why one should not be able to add the necessary lines of TS manually, since usually you don't get too many new domains and/or domain changes at once, do you?

#4 Updated by Daniela Waranie over 9 years ago

@Jo Hasenau,

2) The page will be partially-cached and the TS-Base-Tag part is when using USER_INT not cached.

3) If you have a huge amount of subdomains (in my case 50k changes in 6 month) you should not try to manage the typoscript manually. To have such large typoscript condition list in your setup is a bad thing (even when it is auto generated is not the optimum). This is better than 1).

From my point of view: 2) is the best.

#5 Updated by Alexander Opitz almost 7 years ago

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As this report is very old, is the handling in newer TYPO3 CMS Versions (like 6.0/6.1) more like you expect it?

#6 Updated by Simon Schaufelberger almost 7 years ago

Nothing has changed here. what do you mean with "more like you expect it"? this is still a feature request

#7 Updated by Alexander Opitz over 6 years ago

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#8 Updated by Mathias Schreiber over 5 years ago

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config.baseUrl will be removed

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