Bug #19545

Moving page in WS will hide it from editors due to missing access settings of placeholder

Added by Franz Koch almost 12 years ago. Updated about 2 years ago.

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I've got several editors that are limited to a certain subtree of the website. Every editor is 'locked' in the same custom workspace - so that they can't mess things up in live version.

Every subtree has the following access settings:
- owner: all rights
- group: all rights
- all: no rights - not even viewing

Now, when a editor is moving a page in his subtree, the page finally disappears in the pagetree. As admin I still can see the page and the WS-Placeholder created for it, but the placeholder has no access configuration at all - thus it's disallowed for all users. By setting the placeholers access rights, the editors finally can see the moved page in the workspace pagetree again.

In pageTS I defined a default usergroup and access-settings to use for new pages - but they don't get used for the WS-placeholder. Also TCAdefaults didn't work.
But the placeholder should have the same access settings as it's related page and not fall back to some default value anyway.

So I digged the source and found a solution that's working for me. Hope it's fixed in the right place and the correct way.

(issue imported from #M9705)

t3lib_tcemain.diff View (974 Bytes) Administrator Admin, 2008-10-31 11:37

9705-t3lib_tcemain_v2.diff View (1.57 KB) Administrator Admin, 2008-11-12 10:14

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#1 Updated by Martin Kutschker almost 12 years ago

Added Michael Stucki's version of the patch.

#2 Updated by Ingo Renner almost 12 years ago

fixed in 4.2.4 and trunk

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#4 Updated by Michael Stucki almost 7 years ago

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