Bug #20195

logDeprecatedFunction() significantly slows down TYPO3

Added by Jochen Rau over 12 years ago. Updated almost 11 years ago.

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The call of logDeprecatedFunction() in t3lib_div significantly slows down the execution of TYPO3. In addition it produces a huge log file in a short period of time (over 300 MB file size in my case). I encountered this problem because I used t3lib_div::makeInstanceClassName() in one of my extensions (t3lib_div::makeInstanceClassName() will become deprecated in 4.3). A profiling session showed that the call of fwrite() in t3lib_div::deprecationLog() was responsible for the slow execution time.

t3lib_div::makeInstanceClassName() to one of your extensions ;-)

(issue imported from #M10707)


10707_v1.diff (2.71 KB) 10707_v1.diff Administrator Admin, 2009-04-01 04:08

Related issues

Is duplicate of TYPO3 Core - Feature #20876: Integrate possibility to enable/disable the deprecation loggingClosedOliver Hader2009-08-13


Updated by Steffen Müller over 12 years ago

I'd suggest to make this logging feature configurable with
$TYPO3_CONF_VARS['SYS']['depecationLog'], maybe similar to

Possible targets could be:
- don't log at all

- log to file
- log to OS syslogd
- log to php error_log

- log to t3lib_div::devlog
- log to t3lib_div::syslog


Updated by Oliver Hader over 12 years ago

Jochen, thanks for pointing it out.
Of course there shall be a switch in the install tool to disable this logging on productive websites.


Updated by Christian Kuhn about 12 years ago

Attached a patch that implements a new install tool option (default: true)


Updated by Steffen Müller about 12 years ago

Better name it $TYPO3_CONF_VARS['SYS']['enableDeprecationLog'] which does chain us to a logging target and is open for future development


Updated by Chris topher almost 12 years ago

This is related to #20876 which has been committed.

Satisfying solution?


Updated by Oliver Hader almost 12 years ago

The new install tool setting is called "enableDeprecationLog" which is enabled by default.
As already mentioned it was committed to SVN Trunk in issue #20876

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