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[Feature] New Multimedia CE

Added by Steffen Kamper almost 13 years ago. Updated over 11 years ago.

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The MULTIMEDIA-CE is a bit outdated and doesn't give much possibilities for streaming data as done in modern websites.

This attached solution adds a new MEDIA-CE that enables a lot of new possibilities:
Flash player is added, Media can be streamed with SWFobject, Quicktime can be streamed with QTobject

Detailed Documentation will follow asap

extract attached zip in typo3/contrib
(issue imported from #M10853)


test_fields.t3x (10.9 KB) test_fields.t3x Administrator Admin, 2009-04-12 15:34
flashmedia.zip (16.6 KB) flashmedia.zip Administrator Admin, 2009-04-19 12:16
new_media_v10.diff (39.4 KB) new_media_v10.diff Administrator Admin, 2009-04-19 12:16
doc_core_mediace.sxw (110 KB) doc_core_mediace.sxw Administrator Admin, 2009-04-19 12:17
new_media_v11.diff (53.4 KB) new_media_v11.diff Administrator Admin, 2009-04-19 12:23
new_media_v13.diff (56.7 KB) new_media_v13.diff Administrator Admin, 2009-05-08 19:35
doc_core_mediace_v2.sxw (111 KB) doc_core_mediace_v2.sxw Administrator Admin, 2009-06-02 23:44

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Updated by Steffen Kamper almost 13 years ago

here is the new patch with little enhancements (v5):

  • default width and height are now set in CSC constants (no idea how to get them in flexform yet)
  • Free Entry renamed in Custom Parameters
  • Add Protocol (http://) only if missing. Custom protocol can be added to the URL field
  • when no file/url is given, render a warning

PS all CSC-Changes are done in the set "current"


Updated by Steffen Kamper almost 13 years ago

added v6 with integrated hook, thanks to Dan Osipov for contribute


Updated by Richard Bausek almost 13 years ago

you might have a look at the SWFObject Extension that Bastian Waidelich an me have been developing. It has a SWFObject Wrapper Class and many other features for inserting Flash elements into pages using Flexforms, Records or plain Typoscript.


I would be willing to help to implement it.


Updated by Steffen Kamper almost 13 years ago

New zip with own TYPO3 player, audio player is free (see player.txt)
New patch with a lot of simplifying and working hooks
Testextension for demonstrating hooks attached


Updated by Steffen Kamper almost 13 years ago

I newly compiled flashplayer, enhanced the fullscreen view.

Some enhancements could be put in, but as basic version it works good, so it shows preview of the movie, or load an image as background.
If there is a jpg with same name as the movie in same directory, it's displayed automatically. Or configure with flashvars.image = abs.path of image


Updated by Steffen Kamper almost 13 years ago

attached is the latest patch. I'm going to final round now.
See it in action: http://dev.sk-typo3.de/new-multimedia-element.html


Updated by Martin Kutschker almost 13 years ago

Just a short note: the config option says mimeHandler, but looking at the code I find that it's actually a fileExtHandler (mime types are NOT file extensions). Please rename, so it's maybe sometimes possible to config real mime types like audio/mp3.


Updated by Steffen Kamper almost 13 years ago

Martin Kutschker - i took your suggestion and renamed to fileExtHandler.

I also copied the TS to each version of css_styled_content to make it available everywhere.

I also attached a manual which needs some proofreading, but help understamding how it works. Every comment on this is welcome.

Now patch is ready to make a RFC.


Updated by Jeff Segars over 12 years ago

Added doc update after a quick proofread. Still needs another pass, restructuring, and more content before its officially released but its a step the in the right direction :)


Updated by Steffen Kamper over 12 years ago

committed to trunk, rev 5851

Also available in: Atom PDF