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Enhance Upgrade Wizard SQL queries verbosity and error handling

Added by Ernesto Baschny over 13 years ago. Updated over 6 years ago.

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Currently every individual Upgrade Wizard class does its own SQL processing and error handling. There is no central API for an Upgrade Wizard to push their queries in.

Result is that many wizards do no error checking at all and the result is that the user interface doesn't really help in case of an error.

The second problem is that wizards which install some new extension might execute lots of "CREATE TABLE" statements which are neither logged nor displayed to the user (even if he chose to "display SQL queries").

First find an unified method for upgrade wizards to UPDATE / INSERT / REPLACE stuff in the database (with logging and using the same way of catching, displaying and handling the errors).

Second, to catch also the extension installation queries (CREATE TABLE) one idea would be to add the query logging to the underlying layer (t3lib_db) in some API where the upgrade wizard could fetch them at any time (or as a collected list at the end). Or to some layer above, maybe in the EM classes which fire those queries.
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Lolli, can you post the current status?

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this would require a full new migration approach. if done, it should have a full concept outlined including risk and decision assessment. this issue here is not enough to tackle such an approach and i hope it is ok if i close it for now.


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