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Add "wizard" to allowOverrideMatrix Array - feature request

Added by Florian Sauer over 11 years ago. Updated over 2 years ago.

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If you use the "wizard"->add feature in the TCA you are able to create new child records of a table Y; their UID is added to a field of table X.
But alas, your choices of the PAGES the new child records are saved to are limited to some #substitution_markers#. The PID is set in the array key params.pid:

'wizards' => Array(
'add' => Array(
'params' => Array(
'pid' => 123,
Unfortunately a substitution with #PAGE_TSCONFIG_ID# will not be executed.
So there is no possibility to set the PID (the page the child record will be created in) dynamically per page.

the allowOverrideMatrix contains TCA keys which may be overwritten by Page TS. If we would add the TCA key "wizard" to this matrix we could set the pid value by Page TS.

I have described my solution for this problem using hooks in


(issue imported from #M17604)

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Updated by Andreas Dörler over 10 years ago

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it would be really great to have the allowOverrideMatrix configurable.
Despite the problem mentioned above, it would also be nice to set some fields to "readOnly" (or even change the type to "none") for certain users/groups.
Using a hook is okay but does not feel right.

Kind regards


Updated by Tilo Baller over 9 years ago

$allowOverrideMatrix can be manipulated with getMainFieldsClass-Hook (function: getMainFields_preProcess). See also: http://typo3.org/api/typo3cms/_form_engine_8php_source.html#l00613
If more advice is needed on how to implement/use this just ask.


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Due to low demand / low priority I'm going to close this issue now. If anyone takes time to implement it, simply open a new issue please. Thanks.

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