Bug #27309

permanently deleting impossible for non admin be_users

Added by Sebastian Müller over 9 years ago. Updated over 6 years ago.

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Hey guys,

when trying to permanently delete a record as non admin via recycler nothing happens (not even an error message is displayewd for the user). As admin you can see in the TYPO3-Log: Attempt to delete record without delete-permissions. [ERROR: Record could not be fetched.]

Its simular to the fixed bug:
but instead of undelete it is here for delete.

The error is in the TCEMain class in 2 functions where "deleteRecord" is called:
function "deleteEl" -> "deleteRecord"
function "deleteVersionsForRecord" -> "deleteRecord"

There is no fifth parameter true ($undeleteRecord) for deleteRecord sent.

In the deleteREcord() function the parameter is called $undeleteRecord which is not the best naming if we use this for delete too.

When fixing this bug means atteching a new parameter to "deleteEl" which is passed to "deleteRecord",
it must be also sent in recycler extension and be attached to "deleteVersionsForRecord".

Is there anything missing or wrong in my thoughts?

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Related to TYPO3 Core - Bug #19274: Editors can´t undelete records in history Closed 2008-09-01


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Can you check if this is still the case?

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