Bug #27716

Checkboxes for multiple action do not display on page-root

Added by Uwe Michelfelder over 8 years ago. Updated about 6 years ago.

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When opening the workspace on the rootpage of the page tree, the checkboxes in front of the versioned elements do not appear.
Secondly the single-promote link (->) sometimes get into an area where overflow is set to hidden. (depending on how long the label of the promotion action is).
This sometimes results into a situation, where an user wether can use the checkbox to publish, nor the single element action.

Version 4.5.2

Bildschirmfoto_2011-07-06_um_16.00.32.jpg View (63.6 KB) Uwe Michelfelder, 2011-07-06 16:03

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Related to TYPO3 Core - Bug #31122: Checkbox for mass action didn't apear if user have only publish/swap permission Closed 2011-10-19


#1 Updated by Michael Klapper over 8 years ago

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hi Uwe,

Can you provide some screenshots and bit more details about your environment and how we can reproduce it.

#2 Updated by Uwe Michelfelder over 8 years ago

Attached a screenshot of the described situation.
What kind of info would you need about the environment ?
Unfortunately I could not reproduce this on another system with workspaces.

#3 Updated by Michael Klapper over 8 years ago

Hi Uwe,

thx for the update!

unfortunately im still not able to reproduce this issue on an TYPO3 4.5.3 and current master (TYPO3 4.6). I tested this on 3 different installations.

I could imaging that there is an JavaScript error on your page, because normaly the actions are not displayed on initial page load - they appear a second later.

Can you check the error console? Which Browser and version are you using?


#4 Updated by Uwe Michelfelder over 8 years ago

Hi Mick,

I checked the specific installation on Firefox5 and Chrome 12 on Mac. No errors in the console.
I checked it also on a another installation, there it works as expected.

The installation where I'm running into the problem with, has come a long way with upgrading versions over the last 4-5 years, including workspaces. Maybe some legacy data on the root page creates the problem?


#5 Updated by Stefan Neufeind over 8 years ago

For the "second issue" you described, please see #30659. So we should imho ignore that additional bug here.

For the checkbox (main issue described here): Am I right that #31122 describes the same situation (and this here is a "duplicate")? If so, please try the patch over there which is currently under review.

#6 Updated by Tolleiv Nietsch about 8 years ago

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Duplicate without further feedback ...

#7 Updated by Michael Stucki about 6 years ago

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