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htmlArea RTE: Deprecate/restructure various RTE configuration properties

Added by Stanislas Rolland almost 13 years ago. Updated almost 10 years ago.

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RTE (rtehtmlarea + ckeditor)
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Problem: Configuring the RTE in Page TS Config is difficult. The fact that there are a number of legacy properties, sometimes redundant, maintained mostly for backward compatibility with the pre-TYPO3 4 Classic RTE, makes it even more difficult to understand the overall structure of the configuration object.

Solution: This feature is a first step at simplifying the RTE configuration.

This feature:
1. deprecates various, mostly legacy properties, and restructure some others in order to make the configuration structure more homogeneous;
2. removes any deprecated properties from the default RTE configurations;
3. provides an Install tool upgrade wizard for substituting some of the deprecated properties by their replacement properties and reporting the uid's of pages that specify deprecated properties that could not be replaced by the wizard; the wizard warns that some deprecated properties may be specified in included external files; those will need to be updated by the user;
4. logs to the deprecation log any usage of deprecated properties;
5. allows to disable logging of deprecated properties by setting Page TS Config property RTE.default.logDeprecatedProperties.disabled = 1;
6. allows to optionally log also to the BE log by setting RTE.default.logDeprecatedProperties.logAlsoToBELog = 1

The following Page TS Config RTE properties are deprecated as of TYPO3 4.6 and will be removed in TYPO3 4.8.

Deprecated property -> Use instead
  • disableRightClick -> contextMenu.disable
  • disableContextMenu -> contextMenu.disable
  • hidePStyleItems -> buttons.formatblock.removeItems
  • hideFontFaces -> buttons.fontstyle.removeItems
  • fontFace -> buttons.fontstyle.addItems
  • hideFontSizes -> buttons.fontsize.removeItems
  • fontSize -> buttons.fontsize.addItems
  • classesCharacter -> buttons.textstyle.tags.span.allowedClasses
  • classesParagraph -> buttons.blockstyle.tags.div.allowedClasses
  • classesTable -> buttons.blockstyle.tags.table.allowedClasses
  • classesTD ->
  • classesImage ->
  • classesLinks ->
  • blindImageOptions -> buttons.image.options.removeItems
  • blindLinkOptions ->
  • defaultLinkTarget ->
  • RTE.default.classesAnchor ->
  • RTE.default.classesAnchor.default.[link-type] ->[link-type].properties.class.default
  • mainStyleOverride -> contentCSS
  • mainStyleOverride_add.[key] -> contentCSS
  • mainStyle_font -> contentCSS
  • mainStyle_size -> contentCSS
  • mainStyle_color -> contentCSS
  • mainStyle_bgcolor -> contentCSS
  • inlineStyle.[any-keystring] -> contentCSS
  • ignoreMainStyleOverride -> n.a.
  • disableTYPO3Browsers -> buttons.image.TYPO3Browser.disabled and
  • showTagFreeClasses -> buttons.blockstyle.showTagFreeClasses and buttons.textstyle.showTagFreeClasses
  • disablePCexamples -> buttons.blockstyle.disableStyleOnOptionLabel and buttons.textstyle.disableStyleOnOptionLabel

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