Bug #39317

Copying records with IRRE: subrecords only copied in Live Workspace

Added by Andreas Kiessling over 9 years ago. Updated almost 8 years ago.

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When a record with IRRE subrecords (in my case 1:n) is copied in a workspace, copies of the IRRE records are only created in the live workspace.
The created record in the workspace does not have any inline records attached.

An even bigger problem is publishing the record after adding new IRRE records: Since the existing records are not flagged as "deleted", the live record now has the "old" copied records AND the newly created ones merged together.

You can test this behaviour in 4.7 e.g. with the "irre_tutorial" extension:
Copy "Wellness Well-Being Hotel Rosengarten" on the "1:n foreign_field" page in a workspace, add a new "offer" and publish it.

The biggest problem comes up with the new content elements in 6.0 that use the inline relations to sys_file (tested with Introduction package of alpha3):
While the backend preview of the "Text with Image" shows the images of a copied content element (this is probably an additional bug with the generated preview showing the LIVE content), the content element itself has no images attached and after publishing the same merging of live and workspace inline records happens.

4.5 also seems to have the same bug

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Is duplicate of TYPO3 Core - Task #29278: Lost relations on copying IRRE children in workspacesRejected2011-08-26


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