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Workspaces: Preview all for editors

Added by Kaan Sanli over 11 years ago. Updated over 6 years ago.

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Since TYPO3 4.5, there is no overall view of changes made in content for editors anymore. However one of our customers is demanding this feature, after updating an TYPO3 installation from 4.3.x to 4.5.22.
In the installation there are more than 70 workspaces with 70 related pagemounts, on per editor. First, our idea was to use the "all" button (giving it afterwards to the editors as soon as it is working for admins), but we expirienced an ajax runtime error, possibly the same problem described in bug #30405. We checked the settings of the installation, looked after possiple max_execution_time entries, and asked our server provider to check, if there is some misconfiguration on the server. But all was o.k. We tried to fix the problem by upgrading the system to 4.6, 4.7 and the PHP Version 5.3.15, but still the run time error.

The Task:

Like already told, there are 70 workspaces and related filemounts, one per editor. Every workspace has a main page and six subpages.
Also there are four chief editors, who separated by region, see and can edit an amount of 12 to 30 workspaces. The chief editors don't see the page root in the pagetree of the installation. They need an overview of all changes made in the workspace which are assigned to them.
Additionally, there is one supervising editor, who can see and edit every workspace/pagemount and see's the pageroot. He need's an overview of all changes made in every workspace.

We would like you to ask, if there could be an implemantation of an overall view for editors, where it is possible to likewise show all or some workspaces to a chief editor / supervisor.
Our customer definetly wants this feature of an overall view and has a budget for implementing it. So we we would like to know, if you have time and personal resources to program it, and if affirmed, what it would cost and till when it could be completed?

Maybe this could be an interesting feature for people using workspaces, because we read posts from user several times missing the "old fashioned" overall view.

Thanks, and merry x-mas.

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Updated by Jigal van Hemert over 11 years ago

Perhaps you've ran into #35172 ? The patch simply removes the feature for calculating the percentage of difference between the original and the edited item.
I've patched a few installations by limiting the length of the strings before doing the similar_text() to 512 chars. This prevents time-outs in most cases.

Please don't assign issues to any person (apart from yourself if you will start working on that issue); the person you assigned it to will probably not know it and others will think that he/she is working on it and don't pick it up.

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This extension can be used for several optimizations in the scenario of workspaces.
Since the column of calculating changes was never used by default, we might think of deactivating it also in stable branches.

The "all tab" in the workspace module looks like a bug for non-admin users.
Something is missing there to iterate over all assigned and allowed workspaces for a regular back-end user.

If you'd like to see custom additions to the workspace module, feel free to contact me directly via mail to oliver (at) typo3 (dot) org

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Solved with the "all tab" for 6.2 in issue #50223

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