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Usability and timing issues in Pagetree

Added by Ernesto Baschny over 6 years ago. Updated over 1 year ago.

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The page tree has some problems when it has to deal with long running tasks:

- delete whole tree
- copy tree with lots of childs
- etc...

This umbrella-issue should try to collect these so that they can be tackled at once.


Bug #51065: Copy and Delete action in page tree using context menu takes very long timeClosed

Feature #51432: Response when for example deleting pages from BEClosed

Bug #50416: Deleting a page from the pagetree context menu should reload the pagetree.Closed

Feature #45633: while copying a large pagetree (eg. for a multisite) a progress bar would be niceClosed

Bug #51983: Lack of response on pagetree actions (copy,move,delete etc.) is confusingClosed

Story #24546: Pagetree drag and drop delete gives misleading information with text and colorClosed

Bug #25068: New page tree: delete page is not visibleClosed

Bug #23761: Deleted pages are not restored properly after deleting them with the dropzone in the pagetreeClosed

Bug #36972: Page tree ajax indicatorClosed

Feature #73205: Show spinner when recursively deleting pageClosed

Bug #82345: Clicking on page title does not always trigger action (frame in right column)Rejected

Related issues

Related to TYPO3 Core - Epic #57533: Pagetree epic Closed 2014-01-31
Related to TYPO3 Core - Feature #82426: Replace ExtJS page tree with SVG one Closed 2017-09-09


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