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Epic #72584: sysext:impexp

Impexp lacks support of keeping or setting new uids of lost relations

Added by Marc Bastian Heinrichs over 7 years ago. Updated over 3 years ago.

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Import/Export (T3D)
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Assume following scenario:
  • have translated records
  • export page with all translated content
  • do not export the sys_language record, because it got duplicated on import
  • all sys_language_uid fields will have a lost relation to the sys_language record

On importing such export all sys_language_uid fields are set to 0
and so all translated records are on default language.

Idea to solve this: on importing there should be a list of records with corresponding uids where from other record fields a lost relation is set to. There you choose to force the old uid (import on the same instance) or to set a alternative one (import on other instance).


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Note. The described issue is easy to solve. Simply select sys_language as "static relation" on export.


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