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Add configuration option for file_upload.select-and-submit

Added by David Bruchmann over 5 years ago. Updated 2 months ago.

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In the method renderPossibleRecordsSelectorTypeGroupDB it's possible to use $config['appearance']['createNewRelationLinkTitle'] to change the default text of the button for FAL-records.

The Button for file-uploads is always filled with $GLOBALS['LANG']->sL('LLL:EXT:lang/locallang_core.xlf:file_upload.select-and-submit', TRUE) and therefore the text is not configurable (on this level ?).


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"Add media by URL" button text is also not adjustable

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I get your point.

The one button says "Create new record" and its possible to give it a label like "Add new category" - which is OK IMHO.

BUT changing "Select and Upload" and "Add media by URL" - Why would one want to change this at all? On a per - TCA level? One can override labels through locallangXMLOverride but apart from that, I'm not sure we should have more TCA configuration options for these edge cases.

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