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EXT:form - Optimize layout rendering

Added by Bjoern Jacob about 5 years ago. Updated over 4 years ago.

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This ticket collects all the issues which are related to the layout rendering of the form extension.


Bug #60995: tx_form PostProcessor - wrong layout handlingClosed

Task #63673: Define standard layoutClosed

Feature #45742: Extension Form: Better implementation of the feature "layout" Closed

Task #69037: EXT:form - Missing label leads to unrendered mandatory and error messagesClosed

Feature #53407: HTML5 input attributes for client side validationClosed

Feature #54654: Customize confirmation pageClosed

Task #69363: EXT:form - optimize custom layout for error objectClosed

Feature #69401: Adopt form to support the Extbase/ Fluid MVC stackClosedRalf Zimmermann

Task #69362: Forms: allow wrapping of error and message objectClosed

Bug #32463: New Form ext throws error on missing wrapsClosed

Feature #53405: EXT:form - Add novalidate attribute to form attributes propertiesClosed

Feature #63391: HTML5 Placeholder Attribute for TEXTLINE and TEXTAREA ObjectsClosed

Feature #50539: Forms: Add HTML5 input typesClosed

Feature #55175: Accessibility and HTML5 for sysext 'form'ClosedBen Walch


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