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Optimize new Extbase/ Fluid based rewrite of EXT:form

Added by Bjoern Jacob over 4 years ago. Updated over 2 years ago.

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Form Framework
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This epic collects all the tasks we have to tackle in order to finish the rewrite of EXT:form to Extbase/ Fluid.


Task #69956: EXT:form - Optimize file upload/ handling of filesClosed

Bug #69957: EXT:form - Fix some problems with Container elementsClosed

Bug #70091: EXT:form - Typos in the partialsClosed

Bug #70095: EXT:form - Wrong Checkbox and Radiobutton handlingClosed

Task #69958: Form: Remove bootstrap classClosed

Bug #69961: Form: Class TYPO3\CMS\Form\Domain\Validator\LessthanValidator does not existClosedRalf Zimmermann

Bug #69971: EXT:form Error at Mail sending / ObjectStorage could not be converted to stringClosedBjoern Jacob

Task #70011: EXT:form - Optimize deprecation messagesClosedRalf Zimmermann

Task #70025: EXT:form - fix typosClosedBjoern Jacob

Story #70068: EXT:form - Support bootstrap_packageClosed

Bug #70069: EXT:form - Avoid PHP warnings when using old .layout functionsClosed

Bug #70070: EXT:form - Support attributes in form and container elements when using .layoutClosedRalf Zimmermann

Task #70071: EXT:form - Allow <error /> and <mandatory /> elements outside of <label /> elementClosedRalf Zimmermann

Bug #70072: EXT:form - stdWrap prevents submit of form in some casesClosed

Bug #70086: EXT:form - Bring back view specific layout settingsClosedRalf Zimmermann

Bug #70076: EXT:form - subjectField does not workClosed

Bug #70122: EXT:form - Dropdown/Selectbox doesn't work in compatibility modeClosed

Bug #70181: EXT:form - Class 'TYPO3\CMS\Form\Hooks\FileInfo' not found on file upload Closed

Bug #70208: EXT:form - Problems with radiogroup in emailClosed

Bug #70209: EXT:form - Allow setting classes via layout for elements in compatibilityModeClosed

Bug #70210: EXT:form - Validation of radiogroup/ checkboxgroup elements brokenClosedRalf Zimmermann

Task #70211: EXT:form - Optimize id for form element/ labelClosed

Task #70219: EXT:form - Remove references in TypoScript and move settings to additional filesClosedBjoern Jacob

Task #68646: Outer Layout for FORM mails cannot be changedClosed

Bug #70278: EXT:form - wrong Radio / Checkbox handling if no value is setClosed

Bug #70315: EXT:form - Error with multiple forms on one pageClosed

Bug #70423: Warning: array_fill_keys() expects parameter 1 to be array, null given in /form/Classes/Domain/Repository/TypoScriptRepository.php line 96Closed

Related issues

Follows TYPO3 Core - Feature #69401: Adopt form to support the Extbase/ Fluid MVC stack Closed 2015-08-28


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