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Additional help text property for TCA field types

Added by Urs Braem over 8 years ago. Updated over 5 years ago.

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For structuring all sorts of content elements, it would be extremely handy to have an additional property "help" to add to any TCA field type.

Reason: in structured content elements, it can be helpful to add more info below a field than cramming it all into the label.

It's a very helpful tool for editors and content strategists alike.
It basically saves you from writing manuals AND style guides!

Also extbase extensions and extbase content construction kits like DCE and mask will benefit from that.

Use cases:

Label: Call to action
Help text: A sentence that will make the user want to go on

Label: Image
Help Text: Use photos of sports activities only, and pick a closeup detail.

Label: Document
Help Text: Add a PDF of the according law based on codex 123xyz

In the attachment, check out the fake screenshot. Really, all it needs is one (wrapping) line of text.

This text must be always visible, not like "CSH" only after an user's action. Also, the configuration of CSH is too complex.

I think this would be a big, and quick, win.


Google Chrome 2 2.jpg (20.2 KB) Google Chrome 2 2.jpg Additional Help Text Urs Braem, 2015-10-27 23:06

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Actions #1

Updated by Urs Braem over 8 years ago

Like this:

'myfield' => array(
    'exclude' => 0,
    'label' => 'LLL:EXT:myext/Resources/Private/Language/locallang_db.xlf:tx_myext_domain_model_item.myfield',
    'config' => array(
        'type' => 'input',
        'size' => 30,
        'eval' => 'trim',
        'help' => 'LLL:EXT:myext/Resources/Private/Language/locallang_db.xlf:tx_myext_domain_model_item.myfieldHelp',
Actions #2

Updated by Malte Koitka over 7 years ago

Just wanted to ask what the TYPO3 core people think about the idea of Urs.

Have you already thought of something like that and would you consider this feature or something similar worth implementing?

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Updated by Urs Braem over 7 years ago

Quick win: an option to inline display CSH labels without the user having to hover would already do the trick.

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Updated by Riccardo De Contardi about 7 years ago

  • Target version changed from 8 LTS to 9.0
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Updated by Susanne Moog over 6 years ago

  • Target version deleted (9.0)
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Updated by Christian Kuhn over 5 years ago

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Updated by Christian Kuhn over 5 years ago

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this has been solved with #85410

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Updated by Urs Braem over 5 years ago



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