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Indexed Search - $this->conf['index_descrLgd'] seems to be null/not set

Added by Andreas Fragner about 2 years ago. Updated over 1 year ago.

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I wanted to XCLASS the following class to make the item description a little bit longer:

I adpated the functions backend_initIndexer and bodyDescription to fit my needs.

I set:

$this->conf['index_descrLgd'] = 500;


$maxL = MathUtility::forceIntegerInRange($this->conf['index_descrLgd'], 0, 500, 200);

But nothing happened - still only 200 characters in database. I also changed the according template settings to store more than 200 characters and to show more than 200 characters in the FE output of the search results.

At last I changed these values also in the source code of indexed_search system extension to exclude possible mistakes I could have made in XCLASS - but also only 200 characters where stored in the database. But if I change the default value for

to 500 I see 500 characters in the database. So I suppose
is null or not set.

Expected: Correct value of index_descrLgd available in function bodyDescription.


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#2 Updated by Tymoteusz Motylewski over 1 year ago

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Thanks for the report. Unfortunatelly I can not reproduce it on v8.

I have added the setting index_descrLgd to typoscript (config.index_descrLgd), and it was reflected in the record stored in the db (column item_description has correct number of letters).
Please provide more detailed steps to reproduce the issue.
How do you index the page? on rendering or using crawler?

#3 Updated by Andreas Fragner over 1 year ago


the page is indexed by crawler process and it should index records of an extension.

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#5 Updated by Andreas Fragner over 1 year ago

Using 7.6.14 - still no chance to get more than 200 characters. The config option you described is not provided in indexed_search in Typo3 7.6.14

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