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Using space_before_class and space_after_class in PageTS Config

Added by Sylvia Marler almost 4 years ago. Updated about 2 years ago.

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TCEFORM.tt_content.space_before_class and TCEFORM.tt_content.space_after_class is not configurable by the integrator:

It should be

TCEFORM.tt_content {
space_before_class {
altLabels {
none = kein Abstand
default = extra-small
space_after_class {
altLabels {
none = kein Abstand
default = extra-small

The none-label cannot be translated and it is not possible to define a default class.


Updated by Riccardo De Contardi almost 4 years ago

the "none" option has an empty value, I think that this is why TCEFORM.tt_content.space_before_class.altLabels does not work.
I guess that you should override LLL:EXT:frontend/Resources/Private/Language/locallang_ttc.xlf:space_class_none to translate it... I don't know if there are other ways to do so.

About your other problem (Set a default value) that's the wrong way to do. Try:

TCAdefaults {
           space_before_class = extra-small

Updated by Zenoussi no-lastname-given almost 4 years ago

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See Riccardos comment. Is this still an issue?


Updated by taywa gmbh about 3 years ago

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how can LLL:EXT:frontend/Resources/Private/Language/locallang_ttc.xlf:space_class_none be overridden in TS setup or TS config?
"None" is confusing for editors in this context: it implies there is no whitespace. this is wrong in most cases as there are other paddings/margins by default. A different label like "Default", "Not set" or "" (empty) is better.


Updated by Alexander Opitz over 2 years ago

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For locallang overwrite, take a look here: https://wiki.typo3.org/TypoScript_language_additions,_override


Updated by Alexander Opitz over 2 years ago

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Updated by Česlav Przywara over 2 years ago


I thought plugin.[PluginName]._LOCAL_LANG.[language:default|de|fr|...] is meant for front-end language overrides? I have no idea how to make it work in backend..?


Updated by Henning no-lastname-given over 2 years ago

I have the same problem. There should be a difference between "none" and "Default" and there is currently no way to override the label via TypoScript or altLabels.


Updated by Alexander Opitz over 2 years ago

The issue behind this is following:

You can set altLabels by using the value of an item, for example

TCEFORM.tt_content.space_before_class.altLabels.extra-small = foobar

As the "none" fields have no value, this needed to be

TCEFORM.tt_content.space_before_class.altLabels.. = foobar2

Yes, you need the doubled points, to get an empty value to work.


Updated by Česlav Przywara about 2 years ago

Thanks Alexander, it works! :-)

I believe this issue can be closed, as both reported problems seem to have solution..?

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