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form.yaml files not managed through FAL

Added by Christian Rieke 9 days ago. Updated 6 days ago.

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One of the main advantages of FAL is that files that are in use in the FE are protected against accidental deletion by BE users. This is not true for form.yaml files.

This is a bug, not a feature request.

If a user has the right to create/edit forms, the corresponding .yaml file is created in the file storage, to which the user must by definition have read/write access. Since .yaml files are not controlled through FAL, the user can delete these files without the typical FAL protection (e.g. "The file cannot be deleted since it is still used at the following places: [record:tt_content:XYZ]" error). In addition, files with/without FAL management are now stored in the same storage structure. Users used to FAL will not think twice about deleting files without FAL references, as those apparently are not used in the FE.


#1 Updated by Frans Saris 9 days ago

Not sure if FAL is the way to go here as you can also use yaml files from extensions and those shouldn't be indexed/referenced as FAL objects. Maybe a combination of both could be used.

A reference of every used yaml file in the sys_ref would also prevent the user from deleting the files.

#2 Updated by Bjoern Jacob 6 days ago

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