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renderType inputLink validation fails with "email" or "domainname"

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The documentation on "inputLink":
mentions as possible values "email" and "domainname". To an integrator it seems to be logical to use those values with field that require the input of an email address or URL.
Furthermore, the design of such rendered input fields "recommend" to use the "Link Browser" to create those records with the use of the "Link Browser".

But if so, an error upon saving the record is caused, because (as I assume) the RegEx does not correctly parse the typoscript-like link string, that is generated as soon as any of the other offered fields (like "title" or "css-class") contain values. (Using ONLY the email or url field and leaving the others empty will work, but that would encourage people to create records that are not conforming to accessibility guidelines.)

Solutions that I could imagine:
  • The documentation clearly states that the use of "email" and "domainname" for evaluation purposes is not possible. In that case I wonder, if the Link Browser already checks for the validity of the url/email, which should be mentioned in the documentation.
  • Adapt the regexs...

The images included show the TCA configuration and the steps to create an email link, which eventually leads to the validation error.

(Not sure to which this problem should be assigned...)

step_02.png View (10.5 KB) Robert Wildling, 2018-03-13 09:33

step_01.png View (23.6 KB) Robert Wildling, 2018-03-13 09:33

step_03.png View (42.7 KB) Robert Wildling, 2018-03-13 09:33

step_04.png View (15.5 KB) Robert Wildling, 2018-03-13 09:33

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