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Epic #83559: SEO enhancements in Core

Add robot.txt functionality

Added by Richard Haeser about 1 year ago. Updated 20 days ago.

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TYPO3 should deliver an out-of-the-box robots.txt to prevent certain directories (like eg /typo3) to be indexed. Besides that, it should be possible by integrators to block certain parts of the website to be crawled to prevent using crawl budget while it is not needed to be in the index.


#1 Updated by Richard Haeser about 1 year ago

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#2 Updated by Richard Haeser 12 months ago

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It is possible to add your robots.txt by a static route. See https://docs.typo3.org/typo3cms/CoreApiReference/ApiOverview/SiteHandling/StaticRoutes.html for more information.

#3 Updated by Richard Haeser 10 months ago

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#4 Updated by Richard Haeser 10 months ago

It still would be nice if TYPO3 can render a (configurable) robots.txt

#5 Updated by Andreas Fernandez 10 months ago

What the robots.txt could do:

  • Automatically add the sitemap.xml, if configured
  • Add Disallow: foo if page should not get indexed (discussed with Richard, potentially dangerous as Google doesn't "forget" wrong configs so fast)
  • Add typo3temp/var/ if in document root
  • Exclude typo3/
  • Exclude typo3conf/ext/*/Resources/Private/

#6 Updated by Benni Mack 20 days ago

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#7 Updated by Richard Haeser 20 days ago

A little note why we closed it:
It is best practise to keep your robots.txt as minimal as possible. So that is why we will not include anything in core currently.

For more information see https://yoast.com/wordpress-robots-txt-example as well.

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