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Debug Exception output design improvements - pretty please

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following points would be nice to tackle:

- the font size in the exception trace output is much bigger than the rest of the backend. This adds to the already massive scroll way if the necessary information is not in the first list entry

- the filepath / full name of the class affected is only available via mouse over. Again, added mouse move path, and if one needs the full name to be copied (say for creating an error report, or to quickly access the file via cli or IDE), one has now to resort to browser tools or source code.

- in the exception message, the exception code is missing

- the color scheme does not comply with the rest of the BE. Pink message header are quite unexpected (and personally, I find it ugly. That's irrelevant, I am aware. Just wanted to mention).

- the big 'Oops, something went wrong' header part just wastes space in the Backend, it transports no valuable message.

- if there is more than one exception displayed, provide a link down to the next, so again scroll way is minimized. Other option: make the exception traces collapse able.

My wish: condense the whole thing, so that ideally all information I need to fix the error are accessible without even touching the mouse.


Task #86237: Bring back the filepathResolved

Task #86238: Bring back the exception codeResolvedAnja Leichsenring

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