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Overwriting crop variants title with TSConfig leads to exception

Added by Susanne Moog over 5 years ago. Updated over 5 years ago.

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Using config as described in does not work anymore, an exception is thrown.

How to reproduce:

Add the following in page TSConfig:

    TCEFORM.sys_file_reference.crop.config.cropVariants {
        default {
            title = Default desktop
            selectedRatio = NaN
            allowedAspectRatios {
                NaN {
                    title = free
                    value = 0.0
        specialMobile {
            title = Our special mobile variant
            selectedRatio = NaN
            allowedAspectRatios {
                4:3 {
                    title = ratio 4/3
                    value = 1.3333333

Open any element with crop wizard (textpic for example) --> an exception is thrown.

Caused by (the compiled version of the translate viewhelper does not catch exceptions)

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Updated by Christian Kuhn over 5 years ago

confirmed. easy to reproduce. make sure to reload twice to crash the second time when the compiled file is there.

had a chat with claus about that:

hey claus. aftermath to : quite quickly afterwards, has been merged. susi now found ... i just tried now to have the compiled version create code that has a try/catch around. in effect it then basically looks nearly identical to the renderStatic() before ... this then does not make much sense to me anymore since the only "overhead" left is then the static call to renderStatic in the compiled template in comparison to inline compiled code. in php a (static) method call does not matter, its basically irrelevant how often it is called .... i thus tend to revert the initial patch entirely.
what do you think?

Claus Due [9:52 PM]
re: patches I would tend to completely agree with your standpoint. When there's no optimisation except avoiding a wrapper method and loading a class.... it's not really an optimisation after all.

Christian Kuhn [9:53 PM]
kk. i'll prepare a revert of the entire thing.

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