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Slash in Page Title still in URL

Added by Kalle Karlson 10 days ago. Updated 7 days ago.

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If the page title contains a slash like in "Sanitär / Installation" the generated url looks like "/sanitaer-/-installation".

The slash should not appear in the URL, cause its a directory seperator sign, so from an seo perspective the request is treated wrong.


#1 Updated by Josef Glatz 9 days ago

Thanks for your issue!

Just by reading the ChangeLog RsT document of the new feature this seems to be intended by the core team.

According https://docs.typo3.org/typo3cms/extensions/core/latest/Changelog/9.4/Feature-84729-NewTCATypeSlug.html?highlight=contain%20slashes

In contrast to concepts within RealURL of "URL segments", a slug is a segment of a URL, but it is not limited to be separated by slashes. Therefore, a slug can contain slashes.

IMO from an SEO guru / backend Editor / and even a backend editor who came into contact with Realurl with TYPO3 < v9 before

It may make sense to make the Replace Character Map configurable in \TYPO3\CMS\Core\DataHandling\SlugHelper maybe. Especially if other languages ​​are used where there some other characters needs to be replaced by the fallbackCharactar. I think there will be situations, where TYPO3 must provide some configuration options to facilitate the work of the backend editor in creating slugs.

As a workaround you can manually adopt the slug field content to your needs

Since I'm not familiar with the Insights of the new feature, we can only wait for an answer from the Core Team

#2 Updated by Kalle Karlson 9 days ago

Thank you for your answer, but I think it's wrong to refer only on realurl behavior. The slash is a reserved character like mentioned in RFC1738 (http://www.ietf.org/rfc/rfc1738.txt )

An HTTP URL takes the form:


   Within the <path> and <searchpart> components, "/", ";", "?" are
   reserved.  The "/" character may be used within HTTP to designate a
   hierarchical structure.

So imho the slash has to be removed or encoded.

#3 Updated by Georg Ringer 9 days ago

but the code doesn't know if you would like to have a heirachical structure like sanitär/installation or if it should be - used.

or do you see a way?

#4 Updated by Georg Ringer 9 days ago

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#5 Updated by Kalle Karlson 9 days ago

The Pagetitle is always the last part of the heirachical structure. If I want different "folders" I should organize my content with parent pages so that "Sanitär" and "Installation" are two different pages. The URL should respect the backend tree structure. The default case should be that the slash is stripped from URL on auto generate, if I want a slash at this position I can add it manually.

#6 Updated by Georg Ringer 8 days ago

I understand what you write and still the question: technically it is not possible to know if an editor wants to have the slash from the beginning on because he wants it that way or if it should be stripped.

#7 Updated by Kalle Karlson 7 days ago

Typo3 should respect the standard in the default case and the standard said that a slash is for hierarchical structure.

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