Bug #87321

Edit Record: New Button cannot be disabled for Editors

Added by Benny Schimmer 6 months ago.

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There is no option anymore in TYPO3 9 LTS to disable the "new" Button when editing records.

In TYPO3 8 there was the option to disable it using tsconfig: options.saveDocNew.my_table = 0.
The Delete Button can be disabled in v9 using options.disableDelete.my_table = 1

In v9 there is a new "New" Button which cannot be disabled for editors using tsconfig.
It is registered in backend/Classes/EditDocumentController->registerNewButtonToButtonBar.

My Scenario:
I want a master editor to be able to create specific records, but normal editors should only be able to edit existing records, not add new records.
In Listview this can be configured vi mod.web_list.allowedNewTables, but in the edit record view its still possible to add new records.
My records have IRRE-Records inside, and if the Editor adds a lot of IRRE-Records, the "Add new Record" Link is out of his view port, so they oftne accidently lick the "new" Button on top, which creates a new record instead of a new IRRE-Record.

I would suggest to add an tsconfig Option similar to the delete Button (options.disableNew.my_table = 1).*

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