Bug #87625

MetaTagApi gives an Error in the Frontend when "og:image" is a stdWrap Value in TypoScript

Added by Julian Mair 15 days ago. Updated 14 days ago.

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I have a problem with the MetaTag Api.
When I have in my TypoScript `og:image` lines, then i got this error in the frontend:

#1524209729 UnexpectedValueException: This MetaTagManager can't handle property "og:image:type" 

During my research i found out that the problem lies inside the `stdWrap` part of the `og:image` config (see below; the cObject Node).
When i remove the whole `cObject` Node and add something static like `og:image = /image.jpeg`, then it will work perfectly.

og:image {
    attribute = property
    cObject = FILES
    cObject {
        maxItems = 1
        references {
            table = pages
            uid.data = page:uid
            fieldName = media
        # image from media field
        renderObj = TEXT
        renderObj {
            data = file:current:publicUrl
        # fallback image if no media field was set
        stdWrap.ifEmpty.fallback = TEXT
        stdWrap.ifEmpty.fallback.value = /fallback.jpeg
og:image:type = image/jpeg
og:image:type.attribute = property
og:image:width = 1280
og:image:width.attribute = property
og:image:height = 720
og:image:height.attribute = property

Side Note: this snippet worked perfectly in v8.7.*

diff.png View (114 KB) Julian Mair, 2019-02-03 15:14


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I checked the code in CMS8 and 9. And the submitted code is not working in CMS8 either. The issue is within the fallback part.

It should be:

stdWrap.ifEmpty.cObject = TEXT
stdWrap.ifEmpty.cObject.value = /fallback.jpeg

With this code it works in CMS8 and 9.

Can you check and confirm?

#3 Updated by Julian Mair 14 days ago

Yeah, you're right, my snippet doesn't work! :)
Initialy, this snippet was a bit larger and more complicated (the fallback part was some kind of a FLUIDTEMPLATE) so i changed it on the fly without controlling it if is actually working.

But, nevertheless, even with your corrected config it doesn't work either... i still get the error message.

Could it be that ddev (local development env) cause the problem? ATM, i have no possibility to test the project on a real server...

#4 Updated by Richard Haeser 14 days ago

I'm working on a ddev setup myself as well. The problem is that the og:image:type can not be set, before an og:image is set. If the og:image is failing, it will result in the message that it can't handle the og:image:type. Maybe you can try this in another installation?

#5 Updated by Julian Mair 14 days ago

Yep, true - I came to the same result while debugging.

I tried to make a new instance with a plain ts template with only the `og:image` tags ... but same result.

But i encountered a strange behavior while debugging:
On line `1037` in `\TYPO3\CMS\Core\TypoScript\TypoScriptService`, the function 'convertTypoScriptArrayToPlainArray' rearrange the order of the array items, which - I think - cause this mess (see screenshot).

Could this be the problem? Does this happen also in your instance, or just in mine?

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