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Disable Deprecation errors in Install tool AJAX Calls

Added by Tizian Schmidlin 6 months ago. Updated 4 months ago.

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Hello there,

with the upcoming of TYPO3 9 many of our integrators struggle with deprecation warnings in AJAX calls that break the JSON results. This might happen for a number of reasons: old version of some extension that couldn't be updated before the core was update and then has some deprecated function in it (i.e. using ExtensionManagementUtility::extRelPath, as it is the case in many extensions that were only compatible with TYPO3 7 for some versions. These are errors that an integrator might find hard to find themselves (and frankly, from my point of view, it's to the dev to solve this kind of problems and not the integrator). So we have here an issue that directly punishes our integrators for something that they might not be able to fix, which feels a bit odd and unfair.

The workaround is fairly simple, just set $GLOBALS['TYPO3_CONF_VARS'][SYS']['displayErrors'] = 0; but it's rather a nuisance and IMHO there is no sense to standard PHP Warnings in JSON views.

But I don't like workarounds and prefer proper solutions that work for anybody :-)

Therefore I propose the following change:
  1. use ob_* functions to catch all warnings before starting the output of JSON responses in the Backend and Install tool
  2. extend the JSON responses in the TYPO3 Backend to display errors of any kind (PHP or Runtime or wathever)
    1. The way I see it, these errors could be parsed and put into a list of errors in the JSON response and then given a severity in order to properly format the error somewhere in the backend
  3. output said errors in some meaningful way in the backend that does not lead to a failing state when PHP outputs some errors

Would you consider this feature for TYPO3 9 as a bugfix or at least as a feature for TYPO3 10?

Again, the main goal here is to improve the user experience of the integrators and developers taking part in updates and other

I'm keen on working on this if there is any interest.

Best Regards


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does not look like something I'm responsible for.

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