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Allow for more control over the "newContentUrl" in the backend

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In the page module, when clicking one of the "+ Content" buttons, you will usually get a modal with the new content element wizard, listing all available content elements.

At the moment, there are some ways to override this behaviour
  • You can apply "*mod.web_layout.disableNewContentElementWizard = 1*" to completely disable the wizard globally
  • You can use you own content element wizard by applying an override with "*mod.newContentElementWizard.override = my_custom_module*". This will create a custom route to a custom, but this wizard will always be shown in a modal.
But there are some cases, where a little bit more control over this newContentUrl would be useful.
  • Usually you will have multiple content columns in your backend layout. Some of those content columns only allow only specific content elements. In case of a "header column" you'll probably allow only one single "Header" content element. The wizard modal is unnecessary in this case, it would be better to disable the content element wizard in this case and directly go to the edit page. But ATM this can only be disabled globally.
  • Similar cases can occur when using gridelements or a similar container extension: Imagine you created a container element, that by design only allows for a single content element type inside the container. In this case I also want to be able to skip the wizard modal.

Related issues

Related to TYPO3 Core - Bug #92504: "disableNewContentElementWizard" not working with "fluidBasedPageModule" Under Review 2020-10-07


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  • Related to Bug #92504: "disableNewContentElementWizard" not working with "fluidBasedPageModule" added

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