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Improve user experience when adding a new page

Added by Bjoern Jacob 3 months ago.

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  1. Scenario
  • I am on page uid 123.
  • I am adding a new page via the drag and drop functionality (the one above the page tree)
  • I am setting a page title.
  1. Result

The page has been created. The page uid 123 is still displayed. That is as an editor I am remaining on the current page. The content area does not display the newly created page.

  1. Improvement

The page has been created. The created page will be loaded in the content area. As an editor I do not have to click on the page to load the new page in the content area. I can create new CEs directly.

  1. Additional remarks

The current module has to be kept:

  • PageModule -> Create new page with drag and drop -> Page View of newly created Page
  • ListModule -> Create new Page with drag and drop -> List view of newly created Page

The behaviour should be configurable via PageTs.

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Updated by Paul Hansen 3 months ago

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