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16:24 Board (public) Election 2015: RE: Candidates for EAB: Chris Zepernick
Hey Chris, way back when we talked about diversity and inclusiveness in the TYPO3 community. Is this something that i...


00:50 Budget 2015 Discussion: RE: Community Management 2015
please give info on the applications


19:24 Design Team Feature #63527 (New): CMS7 release agenda
The TYPO3 LTS Release Agenda image there was made by wmdb. What I would need ...
19:22 Design Team Feature #63525 (New): Change TYPO3 box image
We need another image on the page mentioned above. I attached the image. I do not car...


16:58 and community tools Bug #63428 (Rejected): tabs for news are shifted in chrome linux
the last tab of the newsfeed on the homepage is shifted below the others. firefox linux = OK. Problem only arises in ...


14:59 and community tools Bug #63027 (Rejected): trace.txt in feedback form
- Feedback mails from contain a file "trace.txt". I guess it contains unneccessary debug output and should ...


16:16 Budget 2015 Discussion: RE: Community Management 2015
Dear friends,
What was missing in the previous communication surrounding community management is the fact that the...


13:12 Budget 2015 Discussion: RE: Community Working Group
Good point. It is a good idea to include regular communication in the request or description. I do not believe it is ...


16:56 Editorial Team Bug #41506: Why is the "translation team" listed underneath Extensions?
The translators team is not really a team. It is the translation server they take care of. That is why it is under ex...


15:47 Introduction Package Bug #61851 (On Hold): Change text TYPO3 Bootstrap Logo into TYPO3 Introduciton package
The current logo in the backend and when logging in says Bootstrap Package. Please change to Introduction Package as ...

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