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16:24 Board (public) Archive: Election 2015: RE: Candidates for EAB: Chris Zepernick
Hey Chris, way back when we talked about diversity and inclusiveness in the TYPO3 community. Is this something that i...


19:24 Design Team Feature #63527 (New): CMS7 release agenda
The TYPO3 LTS Release Agenda image there was made by wmdb. What I would need ...
19:22 Design Team Feature #63525 (New): Change TYPO3 box image
We need another image on the page mentioned above. I attached the image. I do not car...


16:56 Editorial Team Bug #41506: Why is the "translation team" listed underneath Extensions?
The translators team is not really a team. It is the translation server they take care of. That is why it is under ex...


19:51 Design Team Feature #60605 (New): Redesign of
We will move to Neos in October and with that a modernisation of t3blog seems a ...
11:49 Design Team Feature #60300: feedback button
For now the feedback button will lose it's hover state and Tomas will contact Denis about a well designed usable button


13:02 Design Team Feature #37442 (Closed): TYPO3 Association Quarterly Factsheets
is not needed anymore in that form


10:43 Design Team Feature #60300 (Rejected): feedback button
With the last code sprint we implemented a feedback button that is currently at the right bottom part of th...


21:38 Design Team Feature #60252 (New): Swimming lane concept on
This issue is taken from the editorial sprint there was some time ago. I am not sure if this info is enough. Our desi...


16:46 Design Team Major Feature #48970 (Closed): Question2Answers Layout
Not relevant anymore.

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