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09:13 TYPO3 Core Bug #84254: BE Login fails after update to 8.7.11 with Firefox
I can confirm this strange behaviour in Firefox 58.0.2 and 59.0. On the same TYPO3 system with the same account a col...


16:32 TYPO3 Core Bug #75520 (Closed): Constant editor cut off "m" on image width and height
If I change and save constants with the constant editor (e.g. styles.content.textmedia.linkWrap.lightboxRelAttribute ...


09:52 freeCap CAPTCHA Bug #75151 (New): Audio file names are wrong in TER
If I install the extension from TER via extension manager all audio files with special characters (e.g. the german um...


15:22 MW Imagemap Task #62102: The crowdfunding campaign for the successor of "MW Imagemap" has begun
Any news for the new extension?


12:43 TYPO3 Core Bug #70067 (Closed): RTE - list with sub item has nasty p tags
Hello guys,
I've tested this in Firefox 41, Chrome 45.0 and IE 11 and always becomes the parent li (ul and ol) wei...


15:15 wt_twitter Bug #67180 (New): Flexform fields not accessable for users
Hello, at the moment it's not possible to access the hashtag in the plugin flexform for non admins. This seems to be ...


15:45 CalDAV Bug #65489 (Closed): TYPO3 6.2 compatibility
... it would be great ;-)
Best Falk


12:54 Grid Elements Bug #60914: Development settings breaks drag & drop
Btw. I use only default CEs!


14:31 Grid Elements Bug #60914: Development settings breaks drag & drop
This is my configuration:...
13:44 Grid Elements Bug #60914: Development settings breaks drag & drop
No, I haven't installed Flux!

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