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workspace preview in foreign language not working properly

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hi everybody

i'm using a custom workspace. i create a 'new page version' in my workspace and edit some content.
when i preview the page in my workspace i see the correct live- and draft versions (live-version is different from draft-version). but when i do the same for a foreign website language, the preview shows my only the draft versions in both, the live- and the draft-frame (actually, i have to manually switch the language in both frames of the preview window, live and draft. the preview doesn't show me the correct language directly).

furthermore, everytime i visit the preview of the foreign language page in my workspace again, i only see the live-versions (not the draft-version as the first time i previewed!) in both frames.

tested using typo3 4.0, ie6 and firefox
(issue imported from #M3494)

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Is duplicate of TYPO3 Core - Bug #15628: wsol_preview not showing languageversionsClosed2006-02-15


Updated by Sonja Schubert over 12 years ago

it would be great if that bug report could be fixed in the next version of Typo3, because at the moment it is not possible to preview another language than the default language.


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