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Added by Kay Strobach over 8 years ago. Updated over 2 years ago.

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Hello Core Team,

this i just a little question about an improvement of the link wizard in
the rte.

In 4.4 the Link wizard is an ExtJS window -> correct decision in my
opinion. But to get the most (speed) out of it, there should be some
little improvements:

1. make the window modal
2. Make the Tabs real extjs tabs
3. Cache Tree and Filelist or use the new pagetree in 4.5
4. Preload External Link and Emaillink Tab content.
5. conclusion (make the complete wizard in ExtJS ;)

Thanks a lot for your work

Best regards

(issue imported from #M16618)

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Some parts of this issue may be resolved and TYPO3 will move away from ExtJS, so can this issue be closed?

#2 Updated by Kay Strobach about 5 years ago

speed is still an issue - even if moved away from extjs this window should be modal and quite a lot spedier with pure Ajax

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this is rather outdated, and there are various new issues on the link thing. let's work on those and close this issue here.

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